Visual Arts Program

Saturday, March 7, 1992 — Saturday, April 18, 1992

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
Pro Choice Network; Planned Parenthood of Buffalo and Erie County; University at Buffalo's Pro Choice; ACT-UP WNY; WHAM; Buffalo State College Women's Resource Center; NOW; Lawyers for Choice; Jeff Shevran; Lori Augustyniak; Michael Meldrum; Pat Donovan; the Hallwalls interns; The Tails; The Fibs; The Rose Gardeners; Beat City; Ladies of the Lake; Jamie Moses; Elizabeth Spiro Carmen; The Splatcats; Java Girls; Leah Zicari; Susan Slack; Rose Bond; Stephanie Robb; Nancy Parisi; Francine Witt; John Brady


Presented at:

Poster design and concept: Amy Lipton
Organized by artists Chrysanne Stathacos and Kathe Burkhart including work by: Barbara Aho; Ida Applebroog; Tomie Arai; Roberley Bell; Kathe Burkhart; Diane Bush, Jane Buyers; Ellen Carey; Josely Carvalho; Nancy Chunn; Sue Coe; Michele Costa; Susan Spencer Crowe; Yolanda Diaz; Susan Dawson; Rosalyn Drexler; Gretchen Faust; Donna Fierle; Ilona Granet; Nan Goldin; Ann Hoffman; Rebecca Howland; Robin Kahn; Julia Kidd; Barbara Kruger; Shelly Kulp; Frederick J. Kwiecien; Lauren Lesko; Ana Mendieta; Marilyn Minter; Holly Morse; Lois Nesbitt; Beth Pedersen; Suzann Phelan Denny; Adrian Piper; Aura Rosenberg; Barbara Rowe; Monique Safford; Marcia Salo; Maura Sheehan; Susan Silas; Lorna Simpson; Clarissa Sligh; Kiki Smith; Nancy Spero; Chrysanne Stathacos; Mary Weig; Sue Williams. In addition to the original show that included the work of 35 women artists, Hallwalls curator Sara Kellner organized an exhibition of 18 artists from Western New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Toronto; video curators Chris Hill and Laura McGough programmed work for the Video Viewing Room and programmed a screening (see April 15, 1992). Adjacent to the exhibition and installed in the gallery walls were the signatures of over 800 women who have had abortions, with the community invited to add to the list.


Kathe Burkhart (5/27/17): 
"The Abortion Project originated at Artists Space NYC and also traveled to New Langton Arts San Francisco [in addition to Real Art Ways Hartford and Hallwalls Buffalo]. It consisted of a core work, a site specific installation of names of [over 800] women who had had abortions from all walks of life—'with the community invited to add to the list'—that was separate from but shown with the co-curated group show…mentioned [above]."

Chrysanne Stathacos: (5/28/17): "As Kathe said, The Abortion Project originated at Artists Space [in NYC] (curated by Connie Butler); the group exhibition for the project [originated] at Simon Watson Gallery; Anne Pasternak [later Executive Director of Creative Time in NYC, now Director of the Brooklyn Museum] put both together at Real Art Ways [in Hartford, Connecticut], then it traveled to New Langton Arts [in San Francisco], [as well as Hallwalls, which happened to coincide with the massive but failed attempt by Operation Rescue to shut down Buffalo's women's clinics]. Amy Lipton did a benefit at her gallery to support [the project] and she also made a great poster which traveled with the project in [its] various forms."

Chrysanne Stathacos: (1/16/20): The poster shown at right is the Hallwalls version of the poster designed by artist Amy Lipton that was originally commissioned by Anne Pasternak (now Director of the Brooklyn Art Museum) for the show's run at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT, its third iteration, October 11–November 9, 1991.


Artists Space (NYC): January 17–March 2, 1991.
Simon Watson Gallery (NYC): March 3–April 27, 1991.
Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT): October 11–November 9, 1991.
Hallwalls (Buffalo, NY): March 7–April 18, 1992.
New Langton Arts (San Francisco, CA): 1993.

"Artists to Speak Out on Abortion," Pat Swift, Buffalo News, 2/19/92.

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Sarah Sutton
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Katie Bell
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