Visual Arts Program

Friday, April 7, 1995

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The Lannan Foundation, The Museum Program of The National Endowment for The Arts, Independent Health, The Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts, The Arts Council of Buffalo and Erie County, M & T Bank.


Presented at:
Burchfield Penney Art Center and the Castellani Art Museum

Opening Reception for a retrospective, multi-site exhibition featuring works related to Hallwalls history, curated by Elizabeth Licata and Sara Kellner.. At the Burchfield-Penney: work by Vito Acconci; Chuck Agro; James Allen; Ida Applebroog; John Baldessari; Jennifer Bartlett; Roberley Bell; Gretchen Bender; Lynda Benglis; Diane Bertolo; Willie Birch; Barbara Bloom; Jonathan Borofsky; Barbara Bullock; Kathe Burkhart; Ellen Carey; Cynthia Carlson; Charles Clough; Sue Coe; COLAB; Tony Conrad; Margaret Crane/Jon Winet; G. Roger Densen; Jane Dickson; Nancy Dwyer; Rafael Ferrer; Karen Finley; Eric Fischl; Hollis Frampton; Paul Gardere; Michael Glier; Jack Goldstein; Leon Golub; Group Material; Biff Henrich; Kathy High; Catherine Howe; Rebecca Howland; Tom Huff; Mike Kelley; Heidi Kumao; Barbara Lattanzi; Cary S. Leibowitz/Candyass; Dan Levine; Sol LeWitt; Robert Longo; Larry Lundy; John Maggiotto; Christian Marclay; Arnold Mesches; Robert Morrissey; Matt Mullican; Bruce Nauman; Joseph Nechvatal; Gary Nickard; Shelley Niro; Kevin Noble; Dennis Oppenheim; Tony Oursler; Joseph Piccillo; Endi Poskovic; Tim Rollins and K.O.S.; Ann Rosen; Christy Rupp; David Salle; Rafael Sanchez; Andres Serrano; Paul Sharits; Cindy Sherman; Charles Simmonds; Michael Snow; Chrysanne Stathacos; Peter Stephens; Andrew Topolski; TODT; John Toth; Anne Turyn; Patty Wallace; Robin Winters; David Wojnarowicz; and Michael Zwack; The Castellani Art Museum will present an installation by Judy Pfaff. The Albright-Knox and the Castellani are also major lenders to the Burchfield-Penney exhibition. Also, an exhibition of Hallwalls memorabilia, curated by Michael Basinksi, and video documentation of past Hallwalls events, compiled by Cheryl Jackson.

Some publications related to this event:
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March and April, 1995 - 1995