Visual Arts Program

Saturday, January 12, 2002 — Friday, February 1, 2002


Presented at:

Annual members' show with work by John Shera (TWO-BIT GAME); Mary Louise Boyer (BUFFALO LOST); Tom Huff (WHO'S GAME); Onondagas Clint Shenandoah, Frank B. Hyde, Alfonso Volo (CASTINGS); Patricia Carter (STUDY FOR CHANCE AND ADVARICE); Gerald Mead, Mary Begley (ROULETTE WHEEL OF DESIRE); R.D. Schroeck (PRR); Maurice Rutkove (LOSING HANDS); Cathy Pardike, Marie Claude Pratte (BONNE CHANCE); Bruce Adams, Wilhemina Godfrey (ONE ARMED BANDITS); Jani Benjamins; Dennis Bertram; Joe Brittain; Diane Bush; Jean Cumbo; Doreen DeBoth; Liz Drumm; Jackie Felix; A.J. Fries; Gayle Gorman; Jedd Haas; Cheryl Jackson; Becky Koenig; Mark Lavatelli; Gerald Mead; Pamela Frandina Meheran; Diane Menchetti; Julian Montague; Marjorie Norris; Paricia Pbletz; R.D. Schroeck; Frederick Seaton; Katherine Sehr; Kathleen Sherin; Myles Slatin; Catherine Linder Spencer; Norine Spurling; R.H. Stamps; Alfonso Volo; Mary Weig; Amy Wilson

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