Visual Arts Program

Saturday, February 16, 2002 — Friday, March 22, 2002


Presented at:

Installation by Roberley Bell in the Front Project Room: Trace
Developing over the last decade through a varied use of materials and processes, the work of Roberley Bell has developed into complex installations that address issues of time, place and memory. Bell creates a visual narrative through abstracted text, visual form and pattern. Pattern, color and texture play integral roles in Bell's work (the use of wallpaper, for example, may extend a reference to landscape by juxtaposing real and artificial nature). It is the surface of Bell's work that explores the space where memory exists and where the visual clues to a narrative of the past can be located. As the artist explains, "My interest is to create an environment in which the physicality of space becomes a metaphor for the outside world and, ultimately, the threshold where memory oscillates between the past and the present.

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