Visual Arts Program

Friday, March 3, 1978 — Friday, March 31, 1978


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Guest curator Susan Wyatt. Works by Ira Joel Haber; Neil Jenny; Malcolm Morley; Lucas Samaras; Italo Scanga.

"By Using direct and powerful images, these five artists evoke associations and emotions that are universal Both the immediacy and the remoteness of these images produce a feeling of apprehension and inevitability. This show is about the external (mundane) creating the internal (mnemonic) and allowing one instant of perception to create a distilled moment that is provocative and disquieting." - Susan Wyatt
KEROUAC (Ira Joel Haber, 1974, mixed media, lent by the artist); FLOOR PIECES (Ira Joel Haber, 1969-70, Mixed Media, Lent by the artist);
GIRL AND VASE (Neil Jenney, 1969, Acrylic on canvas, Private Collection, NYC)
THE AGE OF CATASTROPHE (Malcolm Morley, 1976, Oil on Canvas, Courtesy of Nancy Hoffman Gallery, NYC)
SAINT RITA (Italo Scanga, 1973, Mixed Media, lent by artist); SALVATOR DEL MUNDO (Italo Scanga, 1972, Mixed Media, lent by artist)
SX 70 AUTOPOLAROID (Lucas Samaras, 1974, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Freudenheim, Buffalo)

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