Visual Arts Program

Tuesday, April 10, 1979 — Friday, April 27, 1979


Presented at:
Artspace (190 Hunter St. Peterborough, ON)

A group show of artists affiliated with Hallwalls at ARTSPACE in Peterborough, Ontario in conjunction with the ARTSPACE exhibition at Hallwalls (REFLECTING A RURAL CONSCIOUSNESS).Hallwalls artists exhibited at Artspace include: Diane Bertolo, Kim Braun, Ellen Carey, Tony Conrad, G. Roger Denson, Richard Henderson, Biff Henrich, George Howell, Joseph Hryvniak, Debra Jenks, Suzanne Johnson, Dave Kulik, Larry Lundy, John Maggiotto, Laurie Neaman, Linda Neaman, Kevin Noble, Ken Pelka, Robert Risman, Ann Rosen, Scott Rucker, Stephanie Taddeo, Anne Turyn, and Patty Walsh. Performances include April 17, 1979: William Currie (a slide talk on Hallwalls) and George Howell (THE OTHER); April 25, 1979: Tony Conrad TIDING OVER (featuring slides and sound) and Anne Turyn VOICES FROM KINSWOMAN (a reading with audio-tape)

Some publications related to this event:
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