Visual Arts Program

Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 7:00 p.m.


Mickey Harmon

Artist's Talk

Mickey Harmon is an illustrator and designer whose wry infatuation with Buffalo's history and people has fueled his reimagining of local historical lore. His work addresses Western New York's past and present with a misanthropic fondness that is apt given the "resurgent" moment that our city is in. Harmon's often satirical use of imagery and language lends a critical eye towards the current local climate while still affectionately highlighting its unique flavor within the Rust Belt.

On his most recent work:
"The New Buffalo is a graphic novel project from buffalo-based duo Dana Mcknight (curator and founder of Dreamland, Gos Gozah) and Mickey Harmon (The Life and Times of Grovey Cleves, A Pie-Eyed Night with Peggy O'Neil) satirizing the gentrification renaissance of their former zombie city.

Set in the year 2075 several years after nuclear catastrophe, The New Buffalo is a land wrought with danger: Mulleted Mutants, a canalside rendered untouchable by the surrounding toxic waters, zooba-wearing gangs and a new generation of Buffalonians fully unaware of its glorious hotel-laden past."

Since he was young, Mickey Harmon has traced and rearranged imagery to suit his visual quest to narrate his world. Over the last 5 years he has worked with local writers to adapt the history of Buffalo and Western New York that fascinate him. In 2013, he worked with Scott Mancuso (McSweeney's) to illustrate a 40 page graphic novel, The Life and Times of Grovey Cleves. This retelling of Grover Cleveland's life and times of the president's years in Buffalo (age 18-42) outlined what it takes to be a good man and a ruthless politician. A year later he was commissioned by Hydraulic Hearth Restaurant to illustrate a night out in Buffalo with Peggy O'Neil, the most recognized pin up girl of the 1920s, from South Buffalo's Hydraulics District. Currently, he is working with local artist and founding member of Dreamland, Dana McKnight, to jump into the dystopian future of WNY. The New Buffalo is set in the year 2075, several years after a nuclear catastrophe. The project will be published locally through the new comics and zine shop, Gutter Pop on Elmwood Avenue this Winter!