Visual Arts Program

Friday, January 13, 2017 at 8:00 p.m.

Amid/In WNY Epilogue - Opening Reception

<em>Amid/In WNY Epilogue</em> - Opening Reception
<em>Amid/In WNY Epilogue</em> - Opening Reception
<em>Amid/In WNY Epilogue</em> - Opening Reception
<em>Amid/In WNY Epilogue</em> - Opening Reception
<em>Amid/In WNY Epilogue</em> - Opening Reception
<em>Amid/In WNY Epilogue</em> - Opening Reception

Opening Reception:
Friday, January 13, 2017, 8 to 11pm

Exhibition continues through February 24.

Bruce Adams • Dennis Bertram • Brita d'Agostino • Patrick Foran • Andy Krzystek • Rosemary Lyons • Alicia Malik • Mizin Shin • J. Eric Simpson • Patrick Willett

Curated by Kyle Butler, John Massier, Rebecca Wing

Catalogue launch for Amid/In WNY, a 124 page catalogue detailing and documenting the seven exhibitions in the 2015/16 series, with color and b&w images, artists' biographies, curators' recollections, and itinerary of visited artists. Catalogue will be available for $10.

For its first exhibition of 2017, Hallwalls presents a revisit, or epilogue, to Amid/In Western New York, an exhibition series from 2015/16 that showcased the work of 66 regional artists across seven exhibitions. On the occasion of the catalogue launch for that project's publication, Hallwalls presents a postscript in the form of Amid/In Epilogue, a new exhibition presenting the work of an additional ten regional artists.

As with the original project, Epilogue has been culled from artists previously visited during a long process of 202 studio visits. The curators revisited that long list of artists to compile a short list of late-2016 studio visits. This included both revisiting specific artworks and specific artworks. Certain revisits—Bruce Adams, Rosemary Lyons, Andy Krzystek, Alicia Malik—were accomplished with specific works in mind. Some revisits—Dennis Bertram, Brita d'Agostino, Patrick Foran, Patrick Willett—were refreshers on what certain artists had been up to since they were previously visited. And at least two—Mizin Shin, J. Eric Johnson—were a somewhat blind pursuit of artists who had remained intriguing for various reasons.

As with the earlier Amid/In exhibitions, Epilogue was accomplished with due diligence and due speed, with the short frame of a few weeks between studio visits and exhibitions—feverish looking and deft response. The resulting Epilogue is a diverse snapshot of art in Western New York, including painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage. It is by no means a consolation prize exhibition and will be accompanied by its own color brochure. What Epilogue says, in broad strokes, is that even the seven parts of the original Amid/In series were insufficient to everything reviewed.

There is always more artwork around you, more surprises, more depths to plumb.