Visual Arts Program

Wednesday, January 17 at 7:00 p.m.


Talk The Talk: Skylar Borgstrom on Sara Zak

A Lecture Series Where Artists Talk About The Work Of Others

Artists' talks are a tried and true format in which artists typically speak about themselves and their work, revealing (or obscuring) their inspirations and methodologies, their backgrounds and their present modes of thinking. Hallwalls still presents live and free artists' talks at the beginning of each exhibition opening and this past summer used the annual Members Exhibition as a means within which artists could do rapid 10-minute talks on their submitted artwork.

Each of those formats will continue at Hallwalls, but we decided for 2017/18 to devise a series that could insert a new angle into a conventional format.

TALK THE TALK is a new lecture series in which we've invited regional Western New York artists to present talks on other WNY artists, living or dead. We asked them to select artists they admire, artists who may have inspired them, artists whose work speaks to them sufficiently that they can then speak to us about them.

"Sara Zak is a painter’s painter, an artist whose work appeals to those with a deep and knowing appreciation of the material. The lush and buttery nature of Zak's paintings seduces me. I literally cannot stop staring, analyzing. It is only when I walk away that I realize how haunting the work is without ever being able to identify why. This discussion seeks to examine that tension between beauty and the disturbing."

Skylar Borgstrom is a painter and sculptor in Buffalo, NY