Visual Arts Program

Wednesday, November 20 at 7:00 p.m.


Talk The Talk - Heather Gring on Dreamland

Talk The Talk is a series of lectures where artists are invited to speak about the work of other artists. Hallwalls presents artists' talks on a continuing basis. Each gallery exhibiting artist talks about their own work and process on the opening night of their exhibition, but we want to provide an additional forum for the work of artists to be discussed from other, distinct perspectives.

Because we approach Western New York artists to present, we ask that their subjects also be WNY artists, living or dead. Previous subjects have included Allan d'Arcangelo, Adam Zyglis, Skylar Borgstrom, Bill Maggio, Chad Grohman, Joan Linder, Bruce Adams, Frani Evedon, Eric Evinczik, W. Michelle Harris, Candace Masters, Lillian Mendez, Phyllis Thompson, Rich Tomasello, Joe Whalen, Fotini Galanes, Edward Bisone, Robert Traynham Coles, and Hollis Frampton.

Previous talks can be found on our YouTube channel...

Heather Gring will be speaking about  Dreamland, an alternative arts collective in Buffalo which was most active from 2012 - 2017. Dreamland's mission statement describes how the arts collective combined "models of various cooperatives (co-op housing, “D.I.Y” and punk spaces, art collectives)" to create " inclusive safe space, that is both accessible and comfortable to minorities (sexual, gender-based, racial, physical) and those of disadvantageous economic abilities." Dreamland's focus on safer spaces allowed artists to explore what is possible when one feels safe to be vulnerable. Gring's talk will focus on interviews with multiple members of the Dreamland collective, and how the values of Dreamland are still needed in our arts communities today.