Visual Arts Program

Saturday, February 16, 1980 — Saturday, March 8, 1980


Presented at:
A Space (Toronto, ON)

HALLWALLS: FIVE YEARS Travels to A Space in Toronto. The outside traveling exhibition on the occasion of Hallwalls 5 year anniversary, is organized by G. Roger Denson, featuring the artists: Diane Bertolo; Ellen Carey; Charles Clough; Tony Conrad; William Currie; Tom Damrauer; Nancy Dwyer; Biff Henrich; George Howell; Joe Hryvniak; Debra Jenks; Kate Kennedy; David Kulik; Violet Lee; Robert Longo; Larry Lundy; John Maggiotto; Laurie Neaman; Linda Neaman; Kevin Noble; Ken Pelka; Robert Risman; Ann Rosen; Scott Rucker; Cindy Sherman; Stephanie Taddeo; John Toth; Anne Turyn; Michael Zwack; and G. Roger Denson.  The exhibition will also take place at Upton Gallery (Buffalo State College), The New Museum in New York City, and WPA (Washington D.C.). In conjunction with this exhibit, Anne Turyn will be at A Space on February 25th to perform DEAR DIARY: PRESENTATION OF A PHOTO NOVEL.

ARCHIVAL NOTE RE WPA (Roger Denson, in personal correspondence with Edmund Cardoni, August 10, 2017): 

"The show only travelled to The New Museum [NYC] and A Space, Toronto. It was supposed to then go to the WPA gallery in Washington DC, but budget cuts or something prompted its cancellation.…the catalogue [which, when it went to press, listed WPA as the show's final stop] was printed anticipating the exhibition taking place [there]. I think it wasn't until after both the New York and Toronto shows that it was decided there wasn't the money available to either of us [Hallwalls or WPA] to transport and insure the work at the time for which it was scheduled."

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