Community Events

Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

$10 donation

Crisis Services presents

Searching for Angela Shelton

Film Screening & Reception

Searching for Angela Shelton In the uplifting and multiple award-winning documentary, Searching for Angela Shelton, filmmaker Angela Shelton drives around the USA surveying other Angela Sheltons. She discovers that 24 out of the 40 Angela Sheltons she speaks to are survivors of rape, childhood sexual abuse, and/or domestic violence. (The number jumped to 28 out of 40 when 4 more Angelas broke their silence after the film was completed.) On her journey, the filmmaker meets an Angela Shelton who tracks sexual predators and lives in the same town as the filmmaker's father, who sexually abused her and her siblings for years. Angela Shelton's survey of women becomes a journey of self-discovery during which she decides to finally confront her own past and her abusive father—on Father's Day. The Angela Sheltons complete the journey by teaching the filmmaker about healing, faith, and the power of the human spirit, no matter what your name is.