Music Program

Thursday, May 26 at 7:30 p.m.

$8 general, $5 seniors/members, FREE for UB students (with ID)

Emulsified #5: The Passion of Joan of Arc

Carl Theoodore Dreyer
(1928, 114 min)

with live score by Pamela Swarts

Hallwalls presents a screening of Carl Dreyer's iconic 1928 silent classic The Passion of Joan of Arc as part of its ongoing screening series EMULSIFIED, which screens 16mm prints from the archive of DMS at the University at Buffalo.

This special screening will feature a live score performed by Buffalo musician Pamela Swarts.

There are numerous fascinating details about Dreyer's film:

"The film was shot on one huge concrete set modeled on medieval architecture in order to realistically portray the Rouen prison. The film is known for its cinematography and use of close-ups. Dreyer also didn't allow the actors to wear make-up and used lighting designs that made the actors look more grotesque."

"Dreyer's final version of the film was cut down due to pressure from the Archbishop of Paris and from government censors. For several decades it was released and viewed in various re-edited versions that had attempted to restore Dreyer's final cut. In 1981 a film print of Dreyer's final cut of the film was finally discovered in a mental institution in Oslo, Norway and re-released. Despite the objections and cutting of the film by clerical and government authorities, it was a major critical success when first released..."

"Dreyer would always clear the set whenever Falconetti needed to act in a particularly emotional or important scene, allowing her to focus without any distractions. Dreyer often had difficulties explaining himself to Falconetti and was known to turn bright red and begin stammering when passionately directing her."

"For Falconetti, the performance was an ordeal ... continue reading >>


Friday, June 17 at 8:00 p.m.

$15 general, or $20 general including CD


Dark Continent CD Release Concert

WalterKemp3oh! release Dark Continent on Blujazz Records

The WalterKemp3oh!: Walter Kemp, David Hulett, and Rishon Odel, bring the essence of Black American Music to their jazz styles, through their masterful infusions of gospel, hip-hop and R&B. There is a unique soul thread in their work. This immensely talented trio reaches a new constituency in the jazz musical arena. Their upcoming recording Dark Continent, released by Blujazz Records, will include originals, standards, and juxtapositions of British Invasion and Hip-Hop, for example. All about pushing the boundaries of music, the trio is able to keep jazz music rooted, while giving it wings.

The WalterKemp3oh! has been recently signed to Blujazz recording Label. Now a part of the Blujazz family, WalterKemp3oh! will start the disc release tour in the fall.

The concert starts at 8pm - doors @ 7:30pm

t: 716-854-1694
f: 716-854-1696

Tues.—Fri. 11-6
Sat. 11-2
Sun. & Mon. closed

from May. 13, 2016
through Jun. 24, 2016


As a long-established venue for free speech and freedom of expression, Hallwalls is pleased to present a new series of dynamic paintings by Cincinnati artist OGRE, each depicting historical figures from diverse eras who have all been—for whatever reason—deemed as "heretics."

John Peña
New Works

Peña's work operates across various media (including the ongoing "one cartoon each day" autobiography called Daily Geology) and across various emotional strata. In certain works, Peña illustrates a desire to engage and sometimes emulate the natural world, while in other works, he teases out the awkward reality and unavoidable pathos of the human condition.