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The Breath Courses Through Us

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NYAQ at MoMA, 1965

A documentary about The New York Art Quartet
directed by Alan Roth

A beautiful snapshot of a unique creative partnership; footage of the musicians conversing over dinner is as engrossing as the copious live-performance clips.
- TimeOut New York
This excellent documentary tells the story of the short-lived but extremely important New York Art Quartet (NYAQ), using as a focus the equally short-lived reunion of the band 35 years after its original incarnation…The departure of two of the five (Tchicai in 2012 and Baraka this past January) since the film was made underlines the timeliness and timelessness of this document.
- New York City Jazz Record
Quite moving, insightful, funny, and needed.
- Reuben Jackson, Friday Night Jazz, Vermont Public Radio
The Breath Courses Through Us (2013) is a new documentary film about the early 1960s avant-garde jazz group, the New York Art Quartet. Directed by Alan Roth, the film focuses on the group's 35-year reunion, while reaching back through their recollections of their foundations and innovative musical ideas. The year 2014 is the 50th anniversary of this group, and a revolutionary period in jazz music, which declared its existence in the October Revolution in Jazz, in October 1964. The film features Roswell Rudd, the late John Tchicai, Milford Graves, Reggie Workman and the late poet Amiri Baraka.

The U.S. premiere took place in January 2014 at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. with filmmaker Alan Roth and bassist Reggie Workman in attendance ... continue reading >>

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Jozef Bajus

The work of Jozef Bajus has always utilized media whose shared material aspect is flexibility. This has predominantly centered around various kinds of fabric and paper that are invariably manipulated through a variety of physical approaches—in particular, cutting and folding. At its heart, Bajus' practice is using an elementary crafting process, but his treatment of this method and these materials has rarely been simplistic.