Media Arts Program

Monday, February 8, 1988 — Thursday, February 11, 1988

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The New York African American Institute, The Buffalo State College Faculty-Student Association, The Anthropology, English, and Political Science Departments at Buffalo State College, The Women's Interdisciplinary Unit, and Hallwalls.


Presented at:

A Four-day Film festival of works independently produced by Black women, as well as in person presentations and discussions of their work. [DOUBLE VISION, guest-curated exhibition by Fred Wilson. BLACK WOMEN INDEPENDENT FILM MAKERS series, including ILLUSIONS, the 1982 short film by Julie Dash. Guatemalan author Victor Montejo at LA PALMA DE ORO. THE POLITICS OF INFORMATION, VVR exhibition organized by Barbara Lattanzi featuring tapes on El Salvador, healthcare, race riots, FBI harassment, and the Revolutionary Communist Party, along with exhibition of paintings by MollyOlga Neighborhood Art Classes artists on VVR walls. - E.C.] [LOCATION]

Some publications related to this event:
January, 1988 - 1988