Media Arts Program

Sunday, March 11, 1990


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PRESENTED BY FILMMAKER AND SCHOLAR William Moritz. Films include LICHTSPIEL OPUS NR. 1(Walter Ruttmann, 1921, black and white, 10min); FILM IS RYTHMUS (Hans Richter, 1921, black and white, 1min); LE RETOUR A LA RAISON (Man Ray, 1923, black and white, 2min); WACHS EXPERIMENTE (Oskar Flschinger, 1923, black and white, 8min); OPUS NR. 2, OPUS NR. 3, and OPUS NR. 3 (Walter Ruttmann, 1922 and 1923, black and white, 10min); DIAGONAL SYMPHONY (Viking Eggling, 1924, black and white, 6min); BALLET MECHANIQUE (Dudley Murphey, with Fernand Leger and Man Ray, music by George Anthell, 1924, black and white, 18min); ENTR'ACTE (Rene Clair, with Fracis Picabia, music by Eric Satie, 1924, black and white, 20min); JEUX DES REFLET ET DE LA VITESSE (Henri Chomette, 1923-25, black and white, 3min); ANEMIC CINEMA (Marcel Duchamp, 1926, black and white, 6min); R-1 EIN FORMSPIEL (Oskar Fischinger, 1925-27, black and white, 6min); ETUDE CINEGRAPHIC SUR UNE ARABESQUE (Germaine Dulac, 1928, black and white, 5min); DISQUE 957 (Germaine Dulac, 1929, black and white, 6min); IN DER NACHT (Walter Ruttmann, 1931, black and white, 6min).

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David Schirm
All The Glad Variety

Though distilled into broad symbolic forms or abstract landscapes, David Schirm's work often springs from his own experiences during the Vietnam War and paintings may allude to the scenes of horrific and senseless battles, the strafing of weapons across a landscape, "whose laser-like blazes of fired bullets gave a distinctive hum of un-worldliness to the darkness." Though his depictions of landscape forms even touch upon the pastoral in their depiction and use of color, Schirm's original point o ...