Media Arts Program

Friday, September 21, 1990 — Saturday, November 3, 1990


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A series of videotapes and films examining social constructions and conditions of work, guest curated by Rob Danielson and Bob Hercules. Two part series on view in the Video Viewing Room. Part One: FROM LABOR TO BEHAVIOR: A WORK DE-TRAINING FILM PROGRAM? (organized by Rob Danielson), including: BOSS DIDN'T SAY GOOD MORNING (1939); MACHINE MAKER (1939); CAPITALISM (1948); TECHNICIANS IN OUR CHANGING WORLD (1962); DIVISION OF LABOR (1972); OFFICE PRACTICE: YOUR ATTITUDE (1972); THE ANATOMY OF FREE ENTERPRISE (1974); BUSINESS: WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT (1975); CLOCKWORK (1982); KEEPING YOUR MIND ON OUR JOB (1983); EYE OF THE SUPERVISOR (1971, 1978); and others.