Media Arts Program

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
Hallwalls, Funhouse Cinema, and the Oregon Department of Kick Ass, University at Buffalo, Deartment of Media Study and Experimental Television Center


Presented at:
Squeaky Wheel

Bill Daniel will present a dual-projector film/audio installation on the myths and histories of hobo graffiti entitled, The Girl on the Train in the Moon. The practice of "chalking up"- i.e., drawing one's moniker on boxcars-is a hundred-year-old tradition among tramps and rail workers. This art form has been taken up by a new breed of young artists who are adding another layer of images and reference to the rolling steel canvases. The installation environment is constructed to resemble a hobo camp, complete with a campfire and moon, actually rear-projected video screens that flicker with images of freight-hopping trips and interviews with tramps and rail graffiti artists. The Girl on the Train in the Moon features legendary box car artists Herby, buZ blurr, and Bozo Texino, plus a tribute to Matokie Slaughter, a mysterious banjo-playing woman, whose beautiful drawings are seen on the side of freight trains from coast to coast. Daniel will also exhibit a one-night-only photography show of b&w photos of squatter houseboats, beater RV's, tour vans, graffiti, early 80s punk shows, and shots from the road. Daniel's work has shown in festivals and galleries nationwide since the 1980s, and has received awards from Film Arts Foundation, Texas Filmmaker Production Fund, Pioneer Fund, and Western States Media Alliance. He was an artist-in-residence at Headlands Center for the Arts in Sausalito, CA. A veteran of the road, Daniel has toured with San Francisco filmmakers Craig Baldwin and Greta Snider, and with Sarah Lewison's Fat of the Land bio-diesel video project. He has produced a weekly screening series, Funhouse Cinema, in Austin, Texas, and is recognized for his collaborations with Baldwin, having worked as cinematographer and editor on O No Coronado, Sonic Outlaws, and Spectres of the Spectrum.

Vanessa Renwick's films, videotapes, and installations reflect an interest in place, urban transformation, and the relationships between bodies and landscapes, as well as the relationship between desire, ethics, and responsibility. Her works have screened at such venues as Cinematheque in Brighton, England, The Kitchen (NYC), Montreal Film Festival, Smartcinema (Amsterdam), New York Underground Film Festival, The Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), Portland Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), and The Smithsonian. Her credits as a videographer include Miranda July's Nest Of Tens.

Renwick's 70-minute program of short films, Go Baby Go, begins with early experimental and activist works. Working beneath even an "independent filmmaking" production scale, Renwick is prolific with a minimum of financial resources, calling her work "Undependant Film."

Go, Baby, Go! program features:

Nice Ass (b&w, 16mm to video loop, 1998)
A feather boa and a nice ass make for a mesmerizing eyeball orgasm.
Warning (video, 1997, 4 min.)
This collage of audio and visual warnings is a wake-up call against censorship.
Worse (video, 1994, 5 min.)
An interview with a staunch pro-lifer who has been picketing an abortion clinic for 666: 6 years, 6 days a week, 6 hours a day. Gospel provided by the Ladies' Accordion Gospel Team singing "The March of the Pro-lifer."
MINE (video, 1998, 1 min.)
This is all-out panting desire tasty, mmmm.
Food Is A Weapon (16mm & S8 to video, 1998, 4 min.)
Haunting logging footage from the 1940s Northwest reveals old growth treasures looted for the war effort. A eulogy for trees.
The Yodeling Lesson (video, 1998, 3 min.)
Yodeling bagpipe bicycling booty. Xtra Tuf 'zine writer Moe Bowstern bombs Mississippi Ave. Hill in Portland. No Hands! No Brakes! No Clothes!
OLYMPIA (S8 to video, 1984/1998, 10 min.)
Viscerally filmed in grainy b&w super-8 to show the beauty and terrifying reality of a homebirth. A pulsating abstract soundtrack takes you to the fainting point.
Westward Ho (video, 2001, 2 min.)
Hot Pro-Classic Rodeo action. This video unzips the latent homoerotic potential underlying the macho cowboy posturing at the Pendleton Oregon Round-up.
The Ugly Movie (video, 1999, 10 min.)
A candid documentation of a film shoot gone hideously bad with novelist William T. Vollmann drawing a prostitute in a Tenderloin hotel. Ugly.
Crowdog (super 8-video, 1984/1998, 7 min.)
Reading about the American Indian Movement (AIM) makes me pick up and hitchhike out to Pine Ridge Rez in SD during a period in my life where I went barefoot for over 2 years.
Toxic Shock (16mm, 1983, 3 min.)
Penetration up the wazoo, blood, fire, gas, needles, tampons, liquid power, and cocktails of the burning sort. My experimental response to sweating out near death with Toxic Shock Syndrome.
Richart (video, 2001, 23 min.)
Co-directed by Dawn Smallman. A tour through the mind of obsessive collagist and front-yard artist Richard Tracy. Confined to a psychiatric ward at age 50, Richart made this discovery: "If you want to get out of the hospital, start making artwork like this; they will get rid of you immediately!"
Bonus Video : State of the Union by Bryan Boyce
Baby Bush addresses Tubbyland in the SF video tweaker's patriotic pledge.

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