Media Arts Program

Thursday, September 30, 2004

James Miller and Misha Manson-Smith


Presented at:
Market Arcade Film and Art Center

639 Main St.

Thursday September 30, one screening only at 8 p.m.
DEATH IN GAZA (2004, 79 min., U.K.)
by James Miller (deceased) & Mischa Manson-Smith
introduced by Bruce Jackson, Professor of English and American Studies,
University at Buffalo

DEATH IN GAZA is the shocking story that award-winning filmmaker James Miller gave his life to tell, the story of Palestinian youngsters maturing in a world where the greatest glory is to die a martyr. In May 2003, Miller traveled with reporter Saira Shah to track the lives of kids living in the area's most desperate borough. Ahmed is a soccer-loving 12-year-old who, after witnessing the death of his good friend, falls in with a group of paramilitaries. Mohammed is timid but devoted, and helps him fashion bombs to throw at Israeli tanks. Sixteen-year-old Najla has seen eight family members killed, and lives in constant fear that either her house will be destroyed or another loved one will be murdered. In the midst of documenting these heartbreaking stories, Miller was shot dead by an Israeli soldier. His last effort on earth and his untimely death fully demonstrate the incomprehensibility of this conflict and the importance of presenting this story to the world. (DEATH IN GAZA received the 2004 Hot Docs Audience Award)