Media Arts Program

Friday, December 2, 2005

Joe Gibbons


Presented at:
Squeaky Wheel

Joe Gibbons' work is characterized by a time-honored approach—that of the artist's use of his own life as source material, a laboratory for self-observation and experimentation. Though his work is rooted in autobiography—according to Village Voice critic J. Hoberman, Gibbons "invented a new mode of psychodrama which might be termed the 'confessional'"— it ultimately subverts that genre. Blurring the boundaries between fact and fiction, self and persona, his films and tapes combine a desire to connect, to confess, with a contradictory impulse to confabulate and dissimulate.

Joe Gibbons has been recognized with fellowships and awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the NY State Council on the Arts, the Creative Capital Foundation, The LEF Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation. His work has been exhibited at numerous institutions including the Museum of Modern Art in NY, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Centre Pompidou, and the Museo Nacional Cenro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain. His work has thrice been chosen for the Whitney Biennial (1993, 2000, 2002) and is regularly programmed at the NY Video Festival, the Rotterdam Film Festival, and the Black Maria Film and Video Festival. His films have been broadcast in Spain, France and Germany as well as on PBS. He has collaborated on performances, films and videos with artists Tony Conrad, Tony Oursler and Emily Breer.

A co-presentation of Hallwalls and Squeaky Wheel.

THE PRODUCER (15 min, 2005)
by Tony Conrad and Joe Gibbons
A mini-master class in motion picture production with Tony Conrad as the Producer: in this episode the maestro instructs the novice cineaste in how to organize a shoot, set up a shot, direct actors and create drama and atmosphere with "a few simple tools."

DOPPELGANGER PART 1 (15 min, 2005)
A man is pursued by what he is convinced is his doppelganger. The man is always on the move, from hotel to hotel, country to country. In this episode the doppelganger catches up to him.

In contrast to part one of CONFESSIONS OF A SOCIOPATH, which presented my character from the point of view of certain institutions of social control (the psychiatric discipline, the judicial system) as socially maladjusted and clinically disturbed, this section will make a case for the opposite perspective.

A diatribe directed at certain species of flowers that have forgotten their place in the big picture. Part One of The Problem with Nature.

THE FLORIST (9 min, 2005)
A man who has devoted his life to tending roses finally confronts his love objects, castigating them for their preening self-regard and disregard of his own feelings, resulting in a violent catharsis.

ORNAMENTAL LIGHT (2 min, 1974)
An attempt to recapture childhood innocence by hyper-focusing on the baubles of a Christmas tree.

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