Media Arts Program

Saturday, August 25, 2007

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Buffalo Big Easy

New Orleans Parallax

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Co-curated by Courtney Egan (New Orleans) and former Hallwalls intern Sullivan Sheehan (Buffalo), this program of films and videos—organized with an awareness of the city's split psyche of before and after—supports the personal visions of media makers living with the daily reality of a city struggling to survive. Featuring works by: Sullivan Sheehan, David Sullivan (FLOATING); Royce Osborn (BEFORE THE FLOOD, 2006, 6min, and WALKING TO NEW ORLEANS, 2006, 5:30min); Survivors' Village; New Orleans Kid Camera Project; Helen Schmehl (PACO'S GERT TOWN STORY, 2006, 4.5 min); Blaine Dunlap; Hellen Hill and Courtney Egan (CLEVELAND STREET GAP, 16mm); Paul Grass (MADRID ST., 2006, 3:30min); Jose Torres Tama (MARDI GRAS AS A PUBLIC HEALING RITUAL FOR WOUNDED NEW ORLEANS, 2006, 6:40min); Cassandra Bell and Marta Bivins (4 KATRINA STORIES FROM THOUSANDS, 2006, 2:30min); Tomas Little and Lisa Van Wambeck (OCTOPUS JELLIES, 2006, 4 min); Daryn DeLuco (NINTH WARD MARCHING BAND, 2006, 5:30min); Sallie Ann Glassman (NEW ORLEANS MEN, NEW ORLEANS MEN, 2006, 2 min); Louis Harding and Brent Joseph (A LOUD COLOR, 2006, 6:30 min).

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Laylah Ali
Paintings and Drawings

Laylah Ali's work explores power dynamics and interpersonal conflict through compositions that position culturally, racially and sexually ambiguous figures in precarious, loaded, and unexpectedly humorous situations. Ali uses concise—even minimal—imagery that is specific in rendering and intent. While there are narratives in Ali's work, they are stories whose open spaces often give them the atmosphere of fables.