Media Arts Program

Saturday, February 2, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.

Brian Milbrand

The Claire Cycle

Buffalo-based media artist Brian Milbrand presents his 4-part film series, created in collaboration with Holly Johnson. Each film in The Claire Cycle stars Milbrand as both the female protagonist and her male antagonist, and features a plethora of local talent. The Claire Cycle, which premieres in its entirety, employs different cinematic styles from horror film to period drama, to explore issues of gender representation within these genres.

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David Schirm
All The Glad Variety

Though distilled into broad symbolic forms or abstract landscapes, David Schirm's work often springs from his own experiences during the Vietnam War and paintings may allude to the scenes of horrific and senseless battles, the strafing of weapons across a landscape, "whose laser-like blazes of fired bullets gave a distinctive hum of un-worldliness to the darkness." Though his depictions of landscape forms even touch upon the pastoral in their depiction and use of color, Schirm's original point o ...