Media Arts Program

Monday, June 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

$8 general, $6 students/seniors, $5 Hallwalls and Talking Leaves members

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Talking Leaves...Books and Hallwalls present

Yuichiro Yamada

Time to Dance

A New Documentary Film by
Yuichiro Yamada
Presented In Person by the Director

Plus, back by popular demand, encore screenings of
Irreplaceable (2009, 24 min.), the film about New World Record
& Just Browsing (2009, 33 min.), the film about Talking Leaves

Time to Dance (2010, 46 min., color) is a film about the process of making a dance. Melanie Aceto, Assistant Professor of Dance at the University at Buffalo, choreographed a dance piece for the concert of Zodiaque Dance Company in 2009. This documentary shows the creative process of how Aceto, working with her dancers, transforms her ideas into movement.

Just Browsing (2009, 33 min., color) is a film about the local independent bookstore, Talking Leaves ... Books, and some of the used bookstores in Buffalo, NY. Local, independent bookstores everywhere face an extremely difficult challenge from increasing competition with the big chain and online bookstores; the bad economy in Buffalo magnifies those challenges. This film documents how people in the local bookstores think of the book business and their role in the local community.

Irreplaceable (2009, 24 min., color) is a film about the independent record store, New World Record, in Buffalo, NY. New World Record's owner, Govindan Kartha, decided in early 2008 to close after twenty-four-years serving the music community in Buffalo, in part because of the dramatic changes in the music industry with the advent of the internet and the downloading phenomenon. This film documents the store's closing weeks, while showing us Govindan and his store's way of spreading the love of music and recognizing his and the store's contributions to the local music lovers in Buffalo.

Yuichiro Yamada is a filmmaker from Hokkaido, Japan. He makes documentary film and dance videos in Buffalo, NY. He finished three documentary films, Just Browsing, irreplaceable, and Time to Dance, in summer 2009 and is currently working on three other documentary films. He was named a scholar of the Liberace Foundation and received a fellowship from the Robert and Carol Morris Fund for 2008-09. He also joined the Richard Foreman's Bridge Project as one of the camera operators in Buffalo. Currently he is a candidate for a Master of Fine Arts in the Department of Media Study of University at Buffalo.

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