Media Arts Program

Saturday, October 7 at 11:00 a.m. - 11:45 p.m.

Buffalo International Film Festival

Train Driver's Diary

BIFF SHORTS: Interstates

BIFF SHORTS: Domestic Affairs

The Sounding

The Midnighters
11:00am Train Driver's Diary (85 min.) (w/ The Servant, 9 min.)

1:00pm BIFF SHORTS: Interstates (97 minutes total)

Titles, Times, etc.: Cleopatra (Jenna Roscoe, in person, 2017, 15 min.), Sofia (Anabel Caso, Mexico, 2017, 11 min.), Points of View (Fabio Yama Ji, Brazil, 2017, 16 min.), Jack and Jill (Nikhil Melnechuk, in person, 2017, 16 min.), Exit 9 (Joseph Barglowski, 23 min.), The Long Way Home (Iben Deari, Macedonia, 2017, 14 min.).

3:15pm BIFF SHORTS: Domestic Affairs (90 minutes total)

Titles, Times, etc.: To Live Again (Aron Safranyos & Chris Smith, Aron Safranyos in person, 2017, 18 min.), Le Creuset (Don Dowie in person, 2017, 8 min.), A Meditation (Joe Petricca in person, 2017, 16 min.), Backstory (Joschka Laukeninks, 2017, 8 min.), Pilgrimage (Qunio Nozawa in person, Japan, 2017, 17 min.), Heart of Palm (Jeffrey Kent in person, 2017, 7 min.), King Grandpa (Martin Grau, Germany, 2017, 13 min.)

5:30pm BIFF SHORTS: Global (121 minutes total)

Titles, Times, etc.: The Patron (Lionel Auguste, France, 2017, 19 min.), Kitakyushu Stories: Chapter 1 Kimi The Star, MJ Di Rocco, Japan, 2017, 15 min.), Edith (Christian Cook, Ireland, 2017, 15 min.), Lunchtime (Alireza Ghasemi, Iran, 2017, 15 min.), Sidewalk Angels (Paulo Miranda, Brazil, 2017, 13 min.), The Story of Us—To Record a Waning Traditional Cultural Craft (Dongang Nangong, Taiwan, 2017, 22 min.).

7:45pm The Sounding (93 min.)

9:45pm The Midnighters (88 min.) (w/ The Weight, 18 min.)

For details, visit the BIFF web site with full schedule of screenings at all 4 venues and descriptions, directors, and countries of origin of all films.

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through Nov. 3, 2017

David Schirm
All The Glad Variety

Though distilled into broad symbolic forms or abstract landscapes, David Schirm's work often springs from his own experiences during the Vietnam War and paintings may allude to the scenes of horrific and senseless battles, the strafing of weapons across a landscape, "whose laser-like blazes of fired bullets gave a distinctive hum of un-worldliness to the darkness." Though his depictions of landscape forms even touch upon the pastoral in their depiction and use of color, Schirm's original point o ...