Media Arts Program

Monday, October 9 at 12:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Buffalo International Film Festival



Even Lovers Get the Blues

BIFF SHORTS: Danger Zone
12:00pm Lovers (105 min.)

2:00pm Sundown (95 min.)

4:45pm Even Lovers Get the Blues (95 min.) (w/ Bright Moonlit Night, 15 min.)

6:45pm Restraint (95 min.) (w/ State of Emergency Motherfucker!, 6 min.)

9:00pm BIFF SHORTS: Danger Zone (120 minutes total)

Titles, Times, etc.: Jax in Love (Colin Campell in person, 2017, 20 min.), Downunder (Fernando Gonzalez, 2017, 19 min.), Down By Love (Jose Corral, 2017, 14 min.), The Sacred Disease (Erica Scoggins, 2017, 29 min.), Pizza Face (Justin Ulloa & Jamie Dwyer, 2017, 10 min.), Dolphinman Battles the Seas (John Brennan, 2017, 14 min.), Dignity (Orlando Pinder, 2017, 6 min.), Pet Monkey (Eric Maira, 2017, 8 min.).

For details, visit the BIFF web site with full schedule of screenings at all 4 venues and descriptions, directors, and countries of origin of all films.

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Tues.—Fri. 11-6
Sat. 11-2
Sun. & Mon. closed

from Nov. 10, 2017
through Dec. 22, 2017

Laylah Ali
Paintings and Drawings

Laylah Ali's work explores power dynamics and interpersonal conflict through compositions that position culturally, racially and sexually ambiguous figures in precarious, loaded, and unexpectedly humorous situations. Ali uses concise—even minimal—imagery that is specific in rendering and intent. While there are narratives in Ali's work, they are stories whose open spaces often give them the atmosphere of fables.