Media Arts Program

Tuesday, March 11, 1980


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Three films by Manuel Delanda will be screened: RAW NERVES: A LACANIAN THRILLER; ITCH SCRATCH ITCH CYCLE; and ISMISM.

ARCHIVAL NOTE (8/10/17): "After moving to New York, between 1975–1982, [Mexican-American artist, writer, and philosopher Manuel] DeLanda created several experimental films, some as part of an undergraduate coursework at the School of Visual Arts. These Super 8 and 16mm films influenced by the No Wave movement, were also methodical theory-based approaches to film. He pulled them from circulation after the original negatives were lost; in 2011, Anthology Film Archives restored and reissued them. Cited by filmmaker Nick Zedd in his Cinema of Transgression Manifesto, DeLanda associated with many of the experimental filmmakers of this New York based-movement.…One of his best known films is Raw Nerves: A Lacanian Thriller (1980). By the mid-1980s, DeLanda—having moved on to the non-deterministic synthesis of Baudrillardian and Deleuzian theory, command and control techniques, and materialistic concerns of complex systems and artificial life (including cellular automata) that would comprise 'Policing the Spectrum' (1986) and War in the Age of Intelligent Machines (1992)—had largely eschewed his interests in 'post-Freudian ideas of the unconscious…as well as any interest in film theory.'"