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Sunday, April 14, 1985


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Yvar Mikhashoff premieres new tangos from thirty countries from THE INTERNATIONAL TANGO COLLECTION, for which he asked thirty composers from different countries to write new tangos for solo pianos.

(W= World Premiere, US=United States Premiere}
Program order:
EXILES' CAFE TANGO (Michael Sahl, 1984, 3:40, W); CURRICULUM VITAE TANGO (Lukas Foss, 1984, 2:37, US); TANGO DESLAVADP Y MOROSO ( Konrad Boemher, 3:30, US); TANGO WITH FROG PRINCE ( Vivian Fine, 2:25, W); THE KISS (Steven Rosenhaus,  2:45, US); TANGO MUSIC (Ivana Loudova, 3:3, W); PERPETUAL TANGO (John Cage, :30, US); TANGO VOICES (William Duckworth, 3:30, US); MEDITATION TANGO (Francis Thorne, 2, W); STAIRCASE TANGO (Lejaren Hiller, 3:13); TANGO (Michael Finnissy, 4:16,W); TANGO FOR YVAR (Serban Nichifor, 4, US); INTERRUPTED TANGO (Robert Palmer, 3:22, W); MOON-DARK TANGO ( Anthony Genge, 2:47, W); INTERRUPTED TANGO (Elliot Schwartz, 3:43, W);  HEAR YE! HEAR YE! (Aaron Copland, 3:19, First Live); TANGO D'ARTAN (Dane Rudhyar. 2:30, W); DEL TANGO AL TANGO ( William Ortiz, 3:20. W); TANGO MNEMONIC (Jo Kondo, 2:15, US); TANGO TRISTE (Frank Wigglesworth, 1:6,W); PARITANER-TANGO (Walter Zimmerman, 1:19, W); MACHINE TANGO (David Noon, 2:20, US); PHILIP MARLOVE TRACKS DOWN YVAR"S LAST TANGO (Zoltan Jeney, 2:43, US); THORN-TORN LIPS (Robert Berkman, 3:37, W); TANGUITIS (Alfredo Rugeles, 2:37, W); ORCHIDS IN THE EMBERS (Mikael Edlund, 3:20, US-First Live); BELGIAN TANGO (Beth Anderson, 3:3, US-First Live); COMETANGO (Gerald Busby, 2:47, W); TANGO SI ( Betsy Jolas, 1:25, US); ZWILLINGE-TANGO (Karlheinz Stockhausen, 2:01, W); TANGO (David Jaggard, 2:27, W); TANGO FOR PIANOFORTE (Anthony Burgess, 2:16, W); MARACAIBO (Kenneth Sullivan , 2:26, W); TANGO DE JEANN-La-Sybille (Henri Pousseur, 3:9, W); TANGO NO TANGO (Jackson Hill, 3:00, US); TANGO IN MEMORIAM SCHOENBERG ( James Sellars, 2:44, W); INCITATION TO DESIRE (Chester Biscardi, 2:51, W); TANGO-DREAMING (Colling Bright, 3:03, W); A NEAT SLICE OF TANGO (Michael Nyman, 4:47, W); THE LONG AGO AND FARAWAY TANGO (Joel Chadabe, 1:25, US); EL GRAN MACHO (John Myhill, :57, W); SILKEN SIPPERS (Rolf-Inge Godoy, 2:02, US); TANGENTANGLE, 2:24, US); TANGO NO.1 ( Alvin Curran, 3:15, W); TANGO? (Conlon Nancarrow, 2:59, US).

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