Music Program

Friday, September 26, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.

Omar Tamez & El Encuentro

Omar Tamez (electric guitar)
Jonathan Golove (electric cello)
Steve Baczkowski (baritone/tenor sax, winds)
John Bacon (drums, percussion)

Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico Omar Tamez started his music studies at the age of four with his father the composer Nicandro Tamez. He attended Universidad Regiomontana, receiving a bachelor degree in Philosphy and Literature and a bachelor degree in Music specializing in Music Composition. He also attended courses with André Richard, Daniel Catán, Mario Lavista and Manuel de Elias. He has since taught guitar, piano, composition, music history, esthetic appreciation, harmony, as well as music form and analysis. In 1995, he was the promoter of the event "In Memoriam: Nicandro Tamez", as well as biographer, restorer and editor of his work.

Omar is the founder and artistic-musical director of Monterrey Contemporary Ensemble (ECM); with which he produced 18 concerts, releasing for the first time the work of Leandro Espinosa, Nicandro Tamez, Joaquin Flores, Hernan Palma y Meza, José Luis Wario Diaz, Stuart Sanders Smith and his own among many others. He was a member of multiple Jazz groups in the 80's and early 90's.

In 1996 Omar started his long-running ensemble Non-Jazz, performing more than 2,000 concerts in México, USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, France, Italy, and Spain among others. He is also the producer and DJ in Radio Nuevo Leon Opus 102 ( of classical, contemporary music and Jazz shows. He received many awards for his compositions and performance in México and other countries too. He produced 12 CDs by his own record label (Non-Jazz Records) and 3 other CDs with artists like Felix Petry in Germany, Bruce Arnold and Tom Hamilton in the US and with Jonathan Golove in the States too. Omar is also the founder and artistic director of the International Jazz Musicians Meeting in Monterrey México.