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Friday, September 29, 2000


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Concert in Hallwalls Black n' Blue theater featuring: Jin Hi Kim (Komungo), Oliver Lake (Alto/Soprano Saxophone, Flute), William Parker (Contrabass). Jin Hi Kim is highly resepcted both as a komungo (Korean fourth century fretted board zither) virtuoso and for her distinctive trans-pacific compositional approach. Over the last twenty years Kim has built upon the music philosophy of "Living Tones", a concept rooted in traditional Korean court music, which uses heterophonic orchestration, irregular phrases, and microtonal shadings. ":My compositions begin with the assumption that each tone is alive, embodying its own individual shape, sound, texture, vibrato, glissando, expressive nuances, and dynamics. The precise timbral personal of each tone is treated as its own philosophical mandate, with reverence for the life of the tone, and resepct for the color and nuance granted each articulation." It is in this transitory moment of each individual sound that music exists.

Kim has joined forces with two of the most brilliant improvisers living today to accompany her in the exploration of these concepts. Saxophonist Oliver Lake and bassist William Parker. Lake, one of the founding members of the World Saxophone Quartet, possesses a fiercely unpredictable and awe-inspiring musical creativity, a true descendant of such musical luminaries as Eric Dolphy and Rashsaan Roland Kirk. William Parker has been described ny the Village Voice as "the most consistently brilliant free jazz bassists of all time." He has worked with countless musicians including Cecil Taylor, Ed Blackwell, Don Cherry, Mifford Graves, Billy Higgins, Muhal Richard Abrams, Roscoe Mitchell, Charles Gayle, David S. Ware, the list goes on and on. This promises to be a truly monumental meeting of musical minds. Do whatever it takes to witness this rare performance.

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