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Monday, September 17, 2007

From Between Trio

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Jack Wright (alto/soprano saxophones)
Michel Doneda (soprano/sopranino saxophones)
Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion)

The From Between Trio is a collaboration of three musicians from three continents: Tatsuya Nakatani, percussionist, born and raised in Japan and now living in the US; Michel Doneda, soprano and sopranino saxophones, from France; and Jack Wright, alto and soprano saxophones, from the US.

The trio has evolved, as do most such international groupings, through the touring efforts of the players and their search for new musical experience and partners. This is no ad hoc group, but a story of each player finding those others who will create just the right musical challenge and chemistry, then taking it further.

They first played together as a trio in NYC, then started touring together: first the U.S., in 2005, then France, then Japan, and now another U.S. tour in Sept. 2007. In the meantime they released two CDs, From Between, recorded in NY, and No Stranger to Air, recorded in Le Havre, France.

A reviewer of the first CD had this to say: "This music is far from austere: a kind of gradually unfolding micro drama, comprising a series of tiny vulnerabilities, frayings, insinuations, and stretches of miniaturized song. Like so many of the best improv recordings, this one seems to change shape and emphasis with every listen: delicate, languorously paced, yet tough as steel."—Nate Dorward,

With WHITMAN SACK DUO: Todd Whitman and Bill Sack

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