Music Program

Saturday, November 7, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.

$12 general, $8 members/students/seniors

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Kaufmann / Gratkowski / de Joode

Burchfield Penney Art Center

Achim Kaufmann (piano)
Frank Gratkowski (alto saxophone/clarinets)
Wilbert de Joode (contrabass)

The music of Kaufmann / Gratkowski / de Joode is completely improvised. Veering between abstract lyricism, haunting sound excursions and uninhibited aggressiveness, the chemistry of this trio is remarkable, the split-second decision-making and level of communication being almost telepathic. According to critics and audiences alike, this is "one of the best working groups in improvised music right now". Kaufmann/Gratkowski/de Joode on MySpace

"It's like the three musicians are channelling themselves through the same default sound—a strikingly original opening gambit to a savvy hour of improvised music." Philip Clark, The Wire, reviewing palaë

"The best band I heard [at the 2008 Dutch Jazz Meeting] was the free-improvising Wilbert de Joode/Achim Kaufmann/Frank Gratkowski trio." - Kevin Whitehead

Achim Kaufmann lives in Amsterdam and is involved in a number of different projects, some of them all improvised, some of them featuring his own compositions. He works regularly with reed player Michael Moore (gueuledeloup quartet, trio kamosc) and leads a trio with Wilbert de Joode and Han Bennink. Further collaborators include Dylan van der Schyff, Peggy Lee, Mark Helias, George Lewis, Tomász Stanko, Paul Lovens, Tristan Honsinger, Mark Dresser, Wolter Wierbos, Tobias Delius, Gerry Hemingway, Jim Black, Ab Baars, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Thomas Lehn, Lê Quan Ninh, Christian Lillinger, David Stäckenas, Lori Freedman, Steve Swallow, and Chris Speed.

Frank Gratkowski leads a quartet (and also a double quartet) with Wolter Wierbos, Dieter Manderscheid, and Gerry Hemingway. He also recorded duets with pianists Georg Graewe and Misha Mengelberg and played with Fred van Hove, Tony Oxley, Peter Kowald, John Lindberg, Simon Nabatov, Thomas Lehn, Ernst Reijseger, Matthias Schubert, Michiel Braam, to name but a few.

Wilbert de Joode is a member of the Ab Baars Trio, Trio Fuhler-Bennink-de Joode, Corkestra, Apa Ini, Eric Boeren kwartet and various groups led by pianist Michiel Braam. He also worked with Steve Lacy, Dennis Charles, Hamid Drake, Derek Bailey, William Parker, Alex Schlippenbach Trio, John Tchicai, Sunny Murray, Christine Sehnaoui, Barry Guy, Ken Vandermark, and many more. He frequently collaborates with dancers.

"The three spontaneously weave compact pieces full of intricate, multi-threaded interaction. (...) The group can construct spare, riveting music from the quiet hush of bristling detailed textures. They can also shape improvisations that build to a full-bore rush of heated intensity. But what stands out most is how they do this with such a highly-developed group sound..." Michael Rosenstein, Signal to Noise, reviewing kwast.

"'s like nothing you've ever heard before." Greg Buium, Down Beat, reviewing kwast.

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