Music Program

Saturday, October 30, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

$5 - 10 suggested donation

Jonathan Golove

CD release party for Voces Internas: Contemporary Mexican Works for Cello

Jonathan Golove featuring:
Jonathan Golove (cello, electric cello)
Omar Tamez (electric guitar)
Steve Baczkowski (saxophones, winds)
John Bacon (drums, percussion)
La Marimba:
Tiffany Nicely (marimba, arrangements)
Gabriel Gutierrez (marimba, percussion)
Ringo Brill (marimba, percussion)

& more!

The event at Hallwalls on October 30th is a celebration of the release of Voces Internas, cellist Jonathan Golove's new release on Albany Records. Voces Internas features contemporary works for cello by Mexican composers, performed by Golove along with pianist Stephen Manes and percussionist Emilio Tamez. The works in this collection are connected in numerous ways, many of them reflecting personal relationships and family ties among the composers and performers (Indeed, all of the composers are themselves performers, which multiplies the possibilities for such connections!). Among those connections: 1) Nicandro Tamez was teacher to both his son Omar and to Leandro Espinosa; 2) Nicandro composed his Introducción al Duo in 1976 as an introduction to a duo by Leandro, although the two were never performed together at that time; and 3) Mario Lavista gave the premiere, as pianist, of his Quotations, with Leandro performing the cello part.

Describing the path that led him to this unusual repertoire, Golove writes,

"During my first trip to Mexico, a festival appearance in Mexico City with a group led by my university colleague, trumpeter Jon Nelson, I gave a workshop in improvisation, intended to introduce classically trained players to some concepts in structured spontaneity. Among my students, to my surprise, was a pair of extremely experienced improvisers, a guitarist and a drummer, who introduced themselves to me afterwards as the brothers Tamez, Omar and Emilio. They explained that their father, Nicandro, had been a prolific composer of music, often featuring graphic notation, a good deal of it involving string instruments, and nearly all of it unheard since his passing in 1985. Omar, bearing a small pile of his father's scores, asked if I would be interested in coming to Monterrey to work with them on this music, to learn about the unusual concepts in notation and improvisation therein contained. I expressed an interest, and before long, I did, indeed, receive an invitation to Monterrey, the first of what proved to be many such invitations, and thus began a friendship or rather friendships with all the members of the family, most of them musicians. By now, many of the composers and performers involved in this project/process have come to Buffalo and made contributions to our musical environment."

The Hallwalls CD release party will feature music, food, and festivity, and the performing talents of Golove along with guitarist Omar Tamez visiting from Monterrey, Mexico as well as percussionist John Bacon, saxophonist Steve Baczkowski, & La Marimba Trio (Tiffany Nicely, Ringo Brill, Gabriel Gutierrez) featuring arrangements of tradtional Mexican music by Tiffany Nicely.