Literature Program

Friday, December 5, 1986


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Short performances staged in the recently acquired Vault space on the second floor of 700 Main St., with backdrops (acrylic paint on clear vinyl) by Buffalo-based visual arts collective The Red Hots. VIEWING NOTES FROM 4/27–28/12 (E.C.): The following persons appear in the fragmentary video (shot by Jody Lafond) that was one of the first to be digitized: Katie Licata (Mistress of Ceremonies/electric guitar/vocals/poem recital/storytelling/audience candy toss/on-stage cigarette lighting); Armin Heurich (front row, audience); Mike Huber (performer, "You Can't Steer a Parked Car"); Fritz Bacher (performer, "Rambo/Rimbaud," with snippet of "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"); Tony Billoni (performer); Steve Griffith (performing "Suzanne Vega on the Box"); Jeffrey DeShell (fiction, "Life Sentence"); Michael Meldrum (blues harp); Jim Reddin (electric guitar, amp on a pedestal, amp miked, guitar pick borrowed from Katie and returned); Chuck Agro (in absentia, "The Existential Dilemma," assisted by Ron Ehmke); Ron Ehmke (crew); Alex Gelencser (crew); Barbara Lattanzi (crew); Steve Gallagher (crew); Chris Giordano ("very recent poetry"); David Butler (the first, pre-Facebook cat slideshow, "My Cats"); duet: Katie (vocals) & Richard Chon (guitar). The inadvertent slapstick performance "How Many Curators Does It Take To Keep A Movie Screen Down," featuring Ron Ehmke (ladder man), Steve Gallagher, & Barb Lattanzi. (Nothing was projected.) Ron & Barb in striped sweaters.

[Note: Documentation of this event is in the Hallwalls archive at the Poetry Collection, a special collecton of the State University of New York at Buffalo Libraries. To learn more about what Hallwalls is doing to make this analog material digtialy accessible, please visit Migrating Media, our collaboration with Squeaky Wheel, Burchfield Penney Art Center, and the Experimental Television Center.]

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