Literature Program

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.


Talking Leaves...Books & Hallwalls present:

Philip Roth

Indignation - Exclusive Live Streaming Webcast & Book Release

Buffalo's nationally renowned independent bookstore, Talking Leaves, has been chosen as the only Upstate New York bookseller to host a live streaming Webcast of an exclusive interview with author Philip Roth on the day of the release of his latest novel, Indignation. By partnering with Hallwalls, Talking Leaves is able to present this exclusive live Webcast on the big screen of Hallwalls' Cinema. Admission is free, but seating will be limited to 85. Talking Leaves will have 48 autographed hardcover copies of Indignation for sale.

"...brilliant and disconcerting...It's a melancholy triumph and a cogent reflection on society in a time of war." (Publishers Weekly)

Indignation is set in 1951 America, the second year of the Korean War. Marcus Messner, a studious and law-abiding but intense young man from Newark, New Jersey, is beginning his sophomore year on the pastoral campus of Ohio's conservative Winesburg College. Why is he there and not at the local college in Newark where he originally enrolled? Because his father—the sturdy, hard-working neighborhood butcher—seems to have gone mad, mad with fear and apprehension of the dangers of adult life, the dangers of the world, the dangers he sees lying in wait at every turn for his beloved boy. As the long-suffering, desperately harassed mother tells her son, the father's fear arises from love and pride. Perhaps, but it produces too much anger in Marcus for him to endure living with his parents any longer. He leaves them and, in a mid-western college far from Newark, has to find his way amid the customs and constrictions of another American world.

Indignation, Philip Roth's twenty-ninth book, is a story of inexperience, foolishness, intellectual resistance, sexual discovery, courage, and error. It is a story told with all the inventive energy and wit Roth has at his command, at once a startling departure from the haunted narratives of old age and experience in his recent books and a powerful addition to his investigations of the impact of American history on the life of the vulnerable individual.

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