Literature Program

Friday, June 2, 2006

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
Gender Institute — IREWG, University at Buffalo, Pride Buffalo, Spectrum Transgender Group, The Rainbow Elders, and generous individual donations

Leslie Feinberg


Presented at:
Trinity Church

Part of the Ways in Between Gender series presented by Hallwalls on the first Fridays of every month, February through June 2006. Co-sponsored by Spectrum, Transgender Group of WNY, Western NY's Transgender Support Group.

Leslie will read from her latest book Drag King Dreams, a novel set in contemporary Manhattan that follows the political reawakening of protagonist Max Rabinowitz, a bouncer in an East Village drag club.

"The dreary dialectic of struggle—race, gender, class, nationalism—is here transformed through the lively dialogue of real people struggling in a post-9/11 New York City into a great galloping story. If the workers of the world read Leslie Feinberg's book, they just might unite!" – Kate Clinton

Leslie Feinberg—a long-time, internationally-known activist and award-winning author—came of age as a young butch lesbian in the factories and gay bars of Buffalo, NY in the 1960s. Hir works include Stone Butch Blues, Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Dennis Rodman and Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue.

Feinberg's long-running weekly series Lavender & Red can be read online at Author-signed copies Feinberg's of newest novel, Drag King Dreams, are available at (Copies of the novel will be available for purchase at the reading on June 2.)

Feinberg is a political journalist, a managing editor of Workers World newspaper, and a national steering committee member of the LGBT Caucus of the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981. Ze is a founder of Rainbow Flags for Mumia and a national organizer for the International Action Center.

Feinberg's home page in cyberspace is

Co-sponsored by Gender Institute-IREWG, University at Buffalo; Pride Buffalo; Spectrum Transgender Group; the Rainbow Elders; and by many generous individual donations.

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