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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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Allen Shelton

Dreamworlds of Alabama

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Reading & Booksigning

In his new book Dreamworlds of Alabama—an evocative remembrance of the beauty and mystery of the rural South—Buff State sociology professor Allen Shelton explores physical, historical, and social landscapes of northeastern Alabama. His homeplace near the Appalachian foothills provides the setting for a rich examination of cultural practices, a place where the language—and images—of place and things resonate with as much vitality and emotional urgency as the language of humans: wisteria draped on a soldier's coffin, sent home to Alabama from a Virginia battlefield; the oldest standing house in the county, painted gray and flanked by a pecan orchard; a black steel fence tool perched atop a pile of books like a prehistoric bird of prey. Throughout the book, Shelton demonstrates how deeply culture is inscribed in the land and in the most intimate spaces of the personÑplaces of belonging and loss, insight and memory.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Alabama, Allen Shelton is associate professor of sociology at Buffalo State College.

University of Minnesota Press | 240 pages | 8 b & w photos | November 2007

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