Literature Program

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

$8 general, $6 students/seniors, $5 HW, JBLC, & TLB members

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Talking Leaves...Books & Just Buffalo Literary Center present

Visiting poets David Meltzer & Michael Rothenberg with Buffalo's Other Side Jazz Trio

Rockpile: Poetry & Jazz

After their coast-to-coast U.S. tour in 2009, poets David Meltzer and Michael Rothenberg return to Buffalo to continue their celebration and exploration of music and poetry collaboration, making and breaking new ground in an exclusive performance with Buffalo’s very own Other Side featuring Douglas Dreishpoon, Kelly Bucheger, and Danny Ziemann.

Rockpile is a collaboration between poets David Meltzer and Michael Rothenberg, who travel cities in the U.S. to perform poetry and prose, composed while on the road, with local musicians and artists in each city. Rockpile’s main aim is to educate and preserve, as well as to create a history of collaboration. It is hoped that it has helped to reinforce the tradition of the troubadour, a tradition that is central to the cultural upheaval and the identity politics that reawakened poets, artists, musicians, and songwriters from the mid-1960s through 1970s.

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