Literature Program

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 7:00 p.m.

UB English Dept. & Hallwalls present

David Matlin

Exhibit X Fiction

David Matlin is a novelist, poet, and essayist. His collections of
poetry include the books China Beach, Dressed in Protective
Fashion, and Fontana's Mirror. His first novel, How the Night is
Divided, was nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award in
Prisons: Inside the New America from Vernooykil Creek to Abu
Ghraib (North Atlantic Books, 2005), is based on a ten-year experience
teaching in one of the oldest Prison Education Programs in the nation in
New York State. It Might Do Well With Strawberries (Marick Press,
2008) is a new narrative hybrid with a focus on the years 2004–2005 and
the crisis of the new century. The author's newest book, A HalfMan
Dreaming (Red Hen Press, 2012), mixes voices, events,
ghost and ghost worlds and lets these tapestries surface once more in
their immense suggestions. A HalfMan Dreaming is a vision of the
Enola Gay, cauldrons of glamorous malignancies, beauty, abduction, and
the fragile extremities this novel includes in its longing for a new
kind of story-life.

David Matlin is a professor in San Diego State University's Department
of English and its MFA Creative Writing program.