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Wednesday, November 10, 1982


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Harry Kipper performs ACTOR SAYS GOODNIGHT. [Note: Video documentation of this event is included in a 1985 selection of excerpts which is in the Hallwalls archive at the Poetry Collection, a special collecton of the State University of New York at Buffalo Libraries. To learn more about what Hallwalls is doing to make this analog material digtialy accessible, please visit Migrating Media, our collaboration with Squeaky Wheel, Burchfield Penney Art Center, and the Experimental Television Center.]

Note: Although listed in our Timeline as its own separate "event," this solo performance by one of the two "Harry Kippers" (Brian Routh) was actually half of one evening's double bill, the other half being Karen Finley's I LIKE THE DWARF ON THE TABLE WHEN I GIVE HIM HEAD. Both Kipper Kids performed together at Hallwalls, 30 Essex Street, on October 8, 1979. Routh and Finley were briefly married (1981–1987). The other Harry Kipper, Martin von Haselberg, has been married to Bette Midler since 1984.

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