Published in 1983
Curated by Keith Sanborn
Essays by Keith Sanborn

SUPER-8/BERLIN: THE ARCHITECTURE OF DIVISION (November 11-12, 1983) Hallwalls Inc., Buffalo, NY, 1983. [A 21 page black and white catalog, published in conjunction with the SUPER-8/BERLIN: THE ARCHITECTURE OF DIVISION film series, curated by Keith Sanborn. With an essay of the same title by the curator, featuring film stills as well as other imagery from art and films, and a list of the films that were part of the two day series. The series of films featured: COMPUTER BILD/COMPUTER IMAGE (Axel Brand and Anette Maschmann, 3.6min), NARCOLEPSI (Brigitte Buhler, 7min), 3302 (Christoph Doering, 18.6 min), DAS LEBEN DES SID VICIOUS/THE LIFE OF SID VICIOUS (Die Tödliche Doris, 10min), WAS FUR GEISTER?/WHAT KIND OF GHOSTS? (Antje Fels, 10.8min), HAMMER UND SICHEL/HAMMER AND SICKLE (Walter Gramming, 6.4min), REVUE FILM/SPECTACLE FILM (Andrea Hillen, 3min), BERLIN/ALAMO (Knut Hoffmeister, 9.7min), NOISIA: VISION (Dieter Hormel, 11.9min), INCENDIO ITALIANO (Thomas Kiesel, 21.9min), NORMA L. (Horst Markgraf, 6.2min), HANDLICH/HANDLEABLE (Roza Spak, 9.6), SPEED (Monika Funke Stern, 9min),SINN-FILM II/SENSE FILM II (Teufelsbergproduktion, 45min), DER TANZ MECHANIKK/THE DANCE MECHANICK (R.S. Wolkenstein, 7min), GEHINDIEKNIEUNDDREHDICHNICHTUM/BENDDOWNANDDON'TTURNAROUND (Yana Yo, 2.9min).

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November 11, 1983 - BERLIN SUPER-8

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