Published in 1991
Curated by Steven Salzman
Essays by Steven Salzman

PLEA-SURE (September 27-December 6, 1991) Hallwalls Inc, Buffalo NY, 1991. [An eight page paper catalog for the exhibition "Plea-sure" curated by Steven Salzman with an essay by the curator. Back of the catolog includes a checklist with the artists' names, works, and pertinent information, including but not limited to: Barbara Dahl (UNTITLED 1, 1988 and UNTITLED 2, 1989); Sean Landers (FRENCH LADY, 1989; LAOCOON III, 1990); Marilyn Minter (ORAL MAKEUP #1 & #2, 1991); Andy Moses (SEA HITCHHIKER’S LONG JOURNEY, 1990; ALCHEMIST’S NOTES TO MODERN CHMISTRY, 1990); Richard Phillips (MORNING GOTH, 1989); Mari Rantanen (SWEET KEEPER, 1990; RELATIV POSITIONS OF THE ESSENTIAL, 1990); Bonnie Rychlak (BEVERLY,1990; C.K.C. III, 1990); John Torreano (GOLD METAL, 1990; TUMBLE, 1991); Elizabeth Vahlsing (ONE-TWO-THREE, 1989; TIC-TAC-TOE, 1991); Sanford Wurmfeld (11-9(SEMI-SAT+N), 1988; 11-9 (YELLOW-WHITE), 1988).

Artists associated with this publication:
Barbara Dahl, Sean Landers, Marilyn Minter, Andy Moses, Richard Phillips, Mari Rantanen, Bonnie Rychlak, John Torreano, Elizabeth Vahlsing, Sanford Wurmfeld

Some events connected to this publication:
September 27, 1991 - PLEASURE

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Tony Conrad @ Hallwalls

Culled from nearly 40 years of Hallwalls' still and video archives (1977–2014), this exhibition will serve as a prelude to Introducing Tony Conrad, the upcoming retrospective at the UB Art Gallery and Albright Knox Art Gallery, by showcasing a selection of performances and still imagery documenting Conrad's decades-long association with Hallwalls.