Published in 2007
Curated by John Massier
Essays by John Massier

TERMINALS (January 13-February 17, 2007) Hallwalls Inc, Buffalo, NY, 2007. [A sixteen page color booklet published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title. Includes an untitled essay by John Massier (Curator, Hallwalls), a biography of the artist, and photographs of the artist's work.]

Artists associated with this publication:
Eric Brown

Some events connected to this publication:
January 13, 2007 - Eric Brown Terminals

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Kyle Butler
Mortality Tantrums

Across media including drawing, painting, sculpture, video, and performance, the work of Kyle Butler addresses multiple ideas—parallels between the built environment and human behavior with that sphere; the interplay of competing and cooperating systems and the limitations of those systems; fluidity in the face of bureaucracy; and ordered conduct as a remedy to the ambiguity of socialization.

Chantal Rousseau
Harbingers of Doom

Behind the ongoing gif work of Chantal Rousseau resides a drawing and painting practice. Electronically realized, her gifs are clearly hand-rendered, rather than cobbled together from other more technological means. It might seem like a subtle distinction but less so when one considers the work within the broad terrain of other electronically-based aphorisms such as emoticons, memes, and screen savers.