Published in 2007
Curated by John Massier
Essays by John Massier

TERMINALS (January 13-February 17, 2007) Hallwalls Inc, Buffalo, NY, 2007. [A sixteen page color booklet published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same title. Includes an untitled essay by John Massier (Curator, Hallwalls), a biography of the artist, and photographs of the artist's work.]

Artists associated with this publication:
Eric Brown

Some events connected to this publication:
January 13, 2007 - Eric Brown Terminals

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Michael Mararian
Kinder Kavalcade

It's not that Michael Mararian's paintings are about children, but children serve as the central protagonists in much of his work. Painted with equal proportions of dark humor and buoyant charm, children function as the most effective dramatic foils for the contradictions, absurdities, and layers of pathos Mararian is fond of exploring. Whether brandishing lit matches and gasoline, wearing inappropriate clothing, wielding knives and guns, or just lying in a drunken stupor upon a field of cell phones, children as characters sharply highlight an array of themes and concerns discussed throughout Mararian's work.