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Friday, October 9, 1992


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Opening reception for THE VAULT, an installation by Julia Scher. Joint reception with VIDEO WITNESSES 3: NETWORKING IN THE 90's will also include a section of festival award winning tapes from VIDEO WITNESSES 3 [VIDEO WITNESSES 3: NETWORKING IN THE 90'S features such program titles as GUERRILLA TELEVISION; INTERNATIONAL POLITICS; NATIVE AMERICAN LANDRIGHTS; HOUSING, TAXES, AND UNEMPLOYMENT; and FIRST AMENDMENT ISSUES AND CAMCORDER ACTIVISM, as well as the Buffalo premieres of FEED, the feature documentary on the 1992 elections to which Brian Springer has contributed satellite feeds , and SPRING OF LIES, chronicling Operation Rescue's failed attempt to shut down Buffalo clinics the previous April, produced by MCRR. Artists-in-residence include Tom Poole of Not Channel Zero and representatives of the Women's Workshop of the Tariagsuk Video Center in Igloolik, Northwest Territories. —E.C.]

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