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Saturday, November 4, 2006


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Benefit reception and visual art exhibition, featuring: THE COMBING WAVE (Josef Bajus, 2005); DUTCH LANDSCAPE (Dennis Bertram); SOLILOQUY, (Amanda Besl, 2006); ALLYSON IMITATES THE HORIZON (Amanda Besl, 2006); THE THREE GRACES (Amanda Besl, 2006); SK8ER (Amanda Besl, 2006); OPERA PLAYA (Amanda Besl, 2006); A TIDE FLUME ACADIA (BRUCE BLAIR, 1986); ATOMIC FIELD (Ann Bonte); EAST OTTO (Mark di Vincenzo); MUFFLER MAN, WALLINGTON NJ (Marion Fuller, 2005); PUMPKIN COUPLE, CHITTENANGO NY (Marion Fuller, 1989); LATITUDE 16 (Steven Gawoski, 2006); TRAGEDY OF THE FALL (Beth Gemperlien, 2006); THE HIGHLANDS, PERU (Courtney Grim,2006); UNTITLED (Dana Hatchett, 2005, along with 4 other works with the same title and vear); VAULT/PSYCHOSCAPE (Steve Heil, 2005); OPEN YOUR WINDOW#3 (Mike Herbold, 2006); TAPESTRY OF PARADISE (Robert Holland, 2006); TRON 2.0 (Tom Holt, 2006); 17 COCKPIT; BOMBER DIPTYCH (Steve Houseknecht, 2005); SALTREAPERS #1 (Deborah Jack, 2006); UNTITLED ( Eric Jensen, 2006, along with two other works with the same title and year); 1967 EGGNOG TEST (Scott Losi, 2005); NIGHT LANDSCAPE (Joe Miller, 1990); POETRY OF THE UNIVERSE (Connie Minneci, 2005, along with 3 other works of the same title and year); MENOPAUSE LANDSCAPE (Connie Minneci, 2005); UNTITLED (Nathan Naetzker, 2005); ORANGE AND BLUE (Catherine Parker, 2006); HARBOR 1 &2 (Isabelle Pellisier, 1997); BIOLOGICAL REGIONALISM; GRENLACCKUR RIVER, ICECLAND (Alberto Rey, 2004-5); NO MONEY DOWN/BAD JOKE (Matt SaGurney, 2006); SPRINGTIME IN THE GARDN OF MARTYRS (David Schrim, 2003); PAIR SKATING (Nancy Smith, 2006); DEER SPIRIT (Zerbe Sodervick); DEVIL'S HOLE (Chris Stangler); MEAD, MILL AND TREE (Jeff Vincent, 2006); SLEEPWALKER (Adam Weekly, 2006); PATRON SAINT OF THE PHILOSOPHER (Jacqueline Welch, 2005)

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Laylah Ali
Paintings and Drawings

Laylah Ali's work explores power dynamics and interpersonal conflict through compositions that position culturally, racially and sexually ambiguous figures in precarious, loaded, and unexpectedly humorous situations. Ali uses concise—even minimal—imagery that is specific in rendering and intent. While there are narratives in Ali's work, they are stories whose open spaces often give them the atmosphere of fables.