Special Events

Sunday, November 1, 2015 at 12:00 p.m.

Brunch with Barb & Peter

9 Lafayette Avenue @ Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY

drawings by Peter Sowiski
Longtime Buffalo artists Barbara Rowe and Peter Sowiski operate Abaca Press, a screenprinting and speciality paper business from their dynamic studio/home in a refurbished industrial building on Buffalo's emergent West Side. This generous pair of artists has agreed to open their beautiful space for Hallwalls' first studio brunch of 2015/16. Rowe, a graduate of UofM Amherst, uses traditional and digital prcoesses in her drawings and prints and her work can be found in collections including the Art Institute of Chicago, Castellani Museum, and the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Sowiski, a graduate of Ohio State University, has exhibited widely since 1971, including dozens of workshops, lectures, and visiting artist posts. He is an Emeritus Professor of Fine Arts at Buffalo State College, where he taught from 1974-2007. His work is found in numerous private and public collections and in November 2016, he will be a featured artist in Hallwalls' Amid/In WNY Part Five exhibition.

About the Studio
"9 Lafayette was originally deeded in 1918 to the Buffalo Rustless Ruler Co., and functioned as a light manufacturing address through various metal and then wood cabinet operations. We got it in late 2005, from a photographer, and proceeded to do a complete tear out and renovation. Working with Brad Wales and DMR contracting, we envisioned and executed a 2600 sq. ft. studio space for our printmaking and papermaking activities, with a 1600 sq. ft. living space in back. A large monolithic staircase to a roof room separates the two spaces. We moved in late in 2006, and it is still a work in progress. It's not for everyone, but we love our open, flexible spaces and living and working here on the 'western frontier' of the Niagara Corridor."

Tickets $50 per person
please call or email polly
716-854-1694 • polly@hallwalls.org
or purchase online at www.hallwalls.org

Your brunch will be prepared by award-winning chef/owner
Joe Lyons
of Joe's Deli/Buffalo Catering.
Naturally, brunch includes specialty cocktails, champagne, wine, coffee, juice.