Visual Arts Program

Saturday, January 17, 2004 — Friday, February 27, 2004


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Prior to Hallwalls’ big move in Spring 2004 to the renovated Delaware Asbury Church in downtown Buffalo, this will be your LAST chance to dance at a members’ exhibition at the venerable Tri-Main Center. We encourage you to take note of this January exhibition and consider producing a new work to help us begin the countdown to relocation.
As always, the Members’ Exhibition is non-juried and non-curated. Members are free to drop off ONE work at Hallwalls on the designated drop-off dates. However, as always, there is a SUGGESTED THEME, for those of you who welcome a little conceptual provocation. The theme is intended as a springboard by which you may opt to create a new piece specifically for the Members’ Exhibition. The theme may also lead you to see how a previous or current work of yours happens to segue effectively with this theme.
This year’s theme is: THE WORLD OF TOMORROW…TODAY! Not surprisingly, on the verge of Hallwalls’ 30th anniversary and its third relocation in that time, we are looking to The Future, The Endless Vista, The Wild Blue Yonder, The Unrelenting Tangent Of All Things Possible. Which is not to say you should create a work that refers to Hallwalls’ actual move, though you may. We do encourage you to consider The Future in general, as either a practical reality or a conceptual, aesthetic model.
You might consider why The Future is no longer conceived (as it was through much of the 20th century) as a gleaming, streamlined vista where potential can be realized and dreams actually fulfilled. Are we just too full of heartbreak, disappointment, and fear? Are we more enamored of dystopian scenarios because they more closely replicate the world we know? Are we entirely bereft of optimism? Weren’t we all supposed to be flying our own personal space cars by now?
So, what of it kids? It’s The Future or Bust. What’s it look like to you?

Works based on the future terms of what 1960s sci-fi predicted the new millennium would bring. Featuring works by Diane Tunque (THE LITTLE BUDDY CHAT CHAIR); Jacqueline Welch (PATRON SAINT OF THE SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTIBLE); Ben O'Brien (UNTITLED); Julian Montague (3014); Liz Drumm (WHERE OR WHEN)

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