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Friday, November 5, 2010 at 8:00 p.m.

$8 General, $6 Students & Seniors, $5 Members

Beyond/In WNY 2010: Alternating Currents

A Fortune in Monstrosity: Video Works by virocode

<em>A Fortune in Monstrosity</em>: Video Works by virocode
<em>A Fortune in Monstrosity</em>: Video Works by virocode
<em>A Fortune in Monstrosity</em>: Video Works by virocode
<em>A Fortune in Monstrosity</em>: Video Works by virocode
<em>A Fortune in Monstrosity</em>: Video Works by virocode

Beyond/In Western New York 2010

Since the late 1980s virocode, a collaboration of Andrea Mancuso and Peter D'Auria, has created art that explores the role of science in our culture. To investigate this wide field, the artists have approached the subject from many perspectives by using a variety of media. While their recent motion-studies have employed high-speed cameras and customized triggering mechanisms to capture and represent the physical world, they also have a body of single channel videos, many produced concurrently with installations and photography. Using loosely structured narratives, performance, processed imagery, and collaged sound, virocode's videos present us with a type of inverted case study. "Its not science fiction, its bio fiction," they've written. "It's not infection, it's information."(1)
The videos feature the stories of characters who are inflicted with bizarre bodily impulses or grotesque physical conditions. If "Methods of Understanding" is an attempt to interrogate scientific inquiry, virocode does so by performing for the camera, using it to document interventions in public spaces. "In Which Nature Abhors a Vacuum" presents a carnavaleque portrait of the corporal, a portrayal of the body as not only monstrous but also haunted. Their videos are typically narrated in an unsettling way: the frenetic pace and the tone appropriated from commercial voiceovers is used to recount a child's obsession with germs in "Ondine's Curse". By tracing an imagined genealogy of science and medicine, virocode exposes a peripheral mythology entangled with this pursuit of knowledge. For their Hallwalls screening, virocode will present a selection of videos that span two decades during which they have re-imagined mutations, visualized infections, and playfully interrogated the scientific laws and tenets at work in the everyday. Before the screening begins, virocode will also perform a scientific experiment.

1. virocode, vectors: the indefinite prodrome. 2001, virocode

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Laylah Ali
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Laylah Ali's work explores power dynamics and interpersonal conflict through compositions that position culturally, racially and sexually ambiguous figures in precarious, loaded, and unexpectedly humorous situations. Ali uses concise—even minimal—imagery that is specific in rendering and intent. While there are narratives in Ali's work, they are stories whose open spaces often give them the atmosphere of fables.