Visual Arts Program

Sunday, October 10, 1976 — Tuesday, November 30, 1976

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Part I: Historical Retrospective of Binocular Photography (at CEPA).
Part II: Contemporary Cyclopean Works (at Hallwalls).

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Two-part, dual-venue (but overlapping) exhibitions organized by Pierce Kamke, Part I: Historical Retrospective of Binocular Photography. An ongoing program of lectures, workshops, stereopticon swap sessions, and slide shows at CEPA, 3230 Main St., October 10–November 11, 1976, with opening reception on October 17, 1976 at 7pm. Part II: Contemporary Cyclopean Works at Hallwalls, November 6–November 30, 1976.

Email from artist Gerald Marks received January 2, 2018:


"In October of 1976 I was in a show at Hallwalls that changed my life and really jump-started my career as an artist specializing in Stereoscopic 3-D. The show was all about 3-D and it was the first time I met a number of other artists working with that medium.

"My late friend Alfons Schilling was also in the show and I think that it was Alfons who told me about it. We both taught Art at Cooper Union back then. About three years earlier I had visited his studio and he [had] turned me on to 3-D, and that has been my specialty now for 45 years.

"My favorite memory of the show was that I was given a place to sleep high up in a skylight and the glass was clear and it snowed as was up there. VERY beautiful!

I was a Prof. of Printmaking at Cooper then and Photo Silk Screen was my specialty and I became, arguably maybe, the first person to print really perfect Red/Green images that gave a powerful 3-D effect with 3-D glasses.

"The following year, I was an Artist-in-Residence at the Exploratorium in San Fran and that led to many things at many museums and work at the MIT Media Lab and directing 3-D videos for the Rolling Stones and 17 years of teaching Stereoscopic 3-D to grad students at the School of Visual Arts.

"So, most of all, I'm writing to say Thank You!

"I tried your search tool on my name and found other people with the same first or last name as me, but not me. I wonder what info you have from that show?

"These days, I give a variety of digital 3-D slideshows, bringing together Art & Science and maybe I should give one at Hallwalls. It was a wonderful place even back then and it looks like it has developed beautifully!

"I'm still in the same Manhattan loft I was in then and this will be my 50th year here!

"All the very best to you!


"Gerald Marks"