Visual Arts Program

Monday, April 18, 1977


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Constance DeJong presents MODERN LOVE: a solo performance based on Books I, II, III, & IV of THE COMPLETE WORKS OF Constance DeJong.

Writeratio presents "Modern Love, a solo performance [by Constance DeJong] based on Books I, II, III, & IV of The Complete Works of Constance DeJong. Characters and events taken from Constance DeJong's books are restructured into theatrical presentation, where elements of timing, setting, and music bring the narrative to life. This reading is made possible through a grant from Poets & Writers, which is supported by the New York State Council on the Arts."

[ARCHIVAL NOTE: "Writeratio" was the name of Hallwalls' first ongoing literary series, later succeeded by "Fiction Diction" and Anne Turyn's chapbook series Top Stories, which Turyn founded here at Hallwalls, but later took with her as her own independent publishing project when she moved to NYC. DeJong would return to Hallwalls on November 12, 1978 to perform on a double bill with Laurie Anderson as a benefit for Hallwalls; on May 1, 1982 for another Hallwalls benefit; and on May 4 & 5, 1990 with Tony Oursler to perform Relatives, their collaborative multimedia performance.]

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