Visual Arts Program

Friday, January 17, 2014 — Friday, February 28, 2014

Ani Hoover

Ani Hoover
Ani Hoover

Opening Friday, January 17, 8 to 11 p.m.

Artists' talks Friday, January 17, 8 p.m.

For many years, Buffalo artist Ani Hoover has been utilizing a mode of formal repetition as the prodigious source material for her work. Much of this has featured a seemingly-endless iteration of circular forms in various permutations—from small works on paper to works on canvas to large-scale installation versions. Color and form have predominated the work, but incessant process has lain underneath it all as a prevalent language. However, incessant process and repetition for Hoover has never been an end in itself—while the circle works have offered a plentiful dose of visual beauty, these works always strove for a space beyond the genre of merely delightful patterning. While the artist herself refers to the practice of "collecting, arranging, assembling.....then doing it all over again," this has always manifested itself more as a path than a destination.

Her new exhibition for Hallwalls will feature three distinct and new sculptural forms, two of which rely on process and accumulation and all of which a derived from repurposed materials. A rubber garden of bicycle tires, an oversized yarn ball, and an inflated teddy bear form are all linked conceptually as cues to memory, loss, and memorial. The garden connects directly with Hoover's previous works and its intended effect is immediately apparent and distinctive—presenting a compelling image constructed from accumulated forms while suggesting it is about something else. Her ball of yarn—an accumulation in a distinctly different form—amplifies that suggestion, introducing evocations of memory, familiarity, comfort, and home. Punctuating the conceptual trajectory, an oversized teddy bear form, constructed from recycled plastic, adds a final touch. Transparent (and hollow) as it is, it lends a curious tangent to the overall scheme and draws out the question...

When we gather, what is it that we gather? Heartfelt sensations? Fulsome memories? Emptiness and loneliness? Do we accumulate memories, dreams, or fears? Or all at the same time?