Visual Arts Program

Saturday, September 13, 2003 — Friday, October 31, 2003

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
National Endowment for the Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts

David Brody


Presented at:
Hallwalls Main Gallery

MAIN GALLERY: David Brody: Descent
Using Hallwalls’ main gallery space during a month-long Aug 2003 Hallwalls Artist-in-Residence Project (HARP), Brooklyn-based David Brody will utilize a series of templates to produce an extended wall drawing, in combination with a three-dimensional computer animation of the same work. Brody’s drawings are large-scale geometric abstractions based on an isometric grid, rendered with marker and colored pencil directly on the wall. Often, one drawing becomes the starting point for the next, changing parameters, colors, or the details of a rhythmic pattern, small changes that can produce large consequences, and extend the formal material of the original drawings into an ongoing growth that can branch and loop back in unexpected ways.

While there appears to be a rigor to the isometric grid at the heart of the drawings, and there is sometimes a distinctly fractal structure involved, Brody’s work is also much less mathematical or recursive than that. The symmetry within Brody’s drawings is fluid and responds organically to the shifts in scale the artist employs between conception and execution. Symmetry can exist within an asymmetry that can exist within a symmetry in a type of work that Brody generally refers to as a "Fragments of a Much Larger Thing."
Defined, stipulated, formulated within a structure or pattern, the work also manages to remain musical and elusive, the wellspring of a thousand further possibilities.

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